Monday, August 30, 2010

Three Rosette Headbands

Thank you for your interest in the three rosette headband, I love them too! I have couple other colors in stock and I will keep undating pictures of the new ones I made. Let me know if you see one you like or tell me the color you want, I can make one upon your request. Stay tune, more to come!

     Black, White and Gold
(espeically made for the football fan here in Pittsburgh)

 Pink and Black

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School Sale!!!

Have you done all your back to school shopping yet? Don't forget to get some cute accessories to catch those cute outfits for your pretty girls. 10% on any order, place your order today!!! Have fun shopping!

p.s. email me if you want something in certain color, I will love to make it especially for you or your little ones.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Check out my new designs!!

Here are my two new favorite pieces. They are perfect for girls of all ages, tell me the color you want, I can do one just for you. Aren't they cute on my little model??  I'm sure they are going to look as cute on you or your little one.

 Layered ribbon headband
$6 each
 Teal Rosettes Headband
$6 each

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pretty Flowers for pretty girls

Mini organza blossom elastic headhand (Dark Pink)
$6 each

Mini organza blossom elastic headhand (Mint)
$6 each
Eight petals flower elastic headhand (Magenta)
$6 each

Eight petals flower elastic headhand (Pink Lady)
$6 each

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New elastic headbands

TaDa, here is one of my favorites! I did make one for myself and wear them often. They are just so pretty! it's perfect for newborns on up to teens. Great for photos or for a special outfit.

Double crochet feather elastic headband
$6 each

Dainty purple organza elastic headband
$6 each

Monday, June 21, 2010

4th fo July Sale

From now to June 29, Mixed Beauties is having our first SALE!!! Buy four and get ONE free! Plus FREE SHIPPING! Don't miss this opportunity to stock up! Shop early - quantities are limited!

 infant headband- red, white and blue rosette with white elastic.
-US$5 each.

 Crochet Flower bow
-US$3.99, add $1 for a blue crochet headband

 Ribbon fafa
-US$3.99, add $1 for a black crochet headband

 Lollipop Bow with crocheted flower
-US$3.99, add $1 for a red crochet headband

Lollipop Bow with button
-US$3.99, add $1 for a blue crochet headband

Double Ribbon Bow
-US$3 each or $5 for a pair

 Star Clippies
-US$ 3 each or $5 for a pair

 Tri-Layer crochet flower
-US$3 each or $5 for a pair

-Crochet flowers.
-US$3 each or $5 for a pair.

 Trendy headband- Star
-US$5 each

Trendy headband- Ribbon
-US$5 each

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mixed Beauties' Creation - Lollipop Bows

If you like original, unique piece, I got some for you. Here are newest creations, I'm pretty sure you can't find them anywhere else. I hope you like them.

 Top: Maddy, Bottom: Fiona

Cassie (Top), Ellie (Bottom)
**All bows are attached on a lined double prong alligator clip. Bows can also be attached to a big girl headband or made into ponytail holder, just email be for the details.
**US$ 5 each.